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A Great Investment Opportunity and a Getaway: Acquire Investment Property in Paraguay Today

Known as the Golden Gateway for investors, Paraguay has preferential access to the European Union, free trade access to its neighbors, and simple tax laws that have drawn top investors from the U.S. and abroad.

Beyond tax advantages, Paraguay’s freedom of currency exchange means investors can bring in and take out capital freely. Investment is open within every aspect of the economy, from cattle ranching and farming to gas and oil enterprise.

Interested in proximity to the capital city, Asuncion? Take a look at our Fortin Caballero Ranch property, which features a 2,000-square foot main house, an airstrip and parking lot that can accommodate 6 small planes, and much more. Corrals and fenced pasture are a major draw Neuland Ranch, located about 280 miles from Asuncion. Our Teniente Enciso property has a main house, guest house, and foreman house (all with air-conditioning), and the Teniente Pico Ranch boasts more than 18,000 acres of 100% native bush.

Learn more about each of our Paraguay investment properties for sale below, and contact us for more information on how you can purchase these investment properties to build your future.

Fortin Caballero Ranch

  • 140 miles from Paraguayan capital, Asuncion
  • 8,700 total acres of land
  • 2,000 square-foot main house
  • More than 3 miles of internal roads
  • Beautiful native bush of Coronillo and algarrobo trees
  • 15 water holes with drinking trougs
  • Medium- to high-fertility soil
  • 1,300-yard airstrip; parking can fit 6 small planes
  • Up-to-date environmental permits for cattle ranching
  • 307 acres of giant star grass
  • 15 water holes with drinking troughs
  • Electricity connection is just 546 yards away from main house
  • Total cost is $2.5 million USD ($287/acre)

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Neuland Ranch

  • 60 miles west of Neuland; 280 miles from Asuncion
  • 11,119 total acres of land
  • 7,400 acres of planted Gatton Panic pasture, all eligible for baling
  • 44 fenced pasture lots of 136 acres each, all with water troughs
  • Main water hole
  • 2 additional water holes with Australian-type tanks
  • Foreman house
  • Fully equipped corral made out of top-quality wood
  • 3 water wells with 8,000 gallons/hour capacity
  • Electric line being installed
  • VHF communication system for air traffic
  • $5.625 million USD ($506/acre)

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Palmar de Islas Ranch

  • Isolated area, great for hunting.
  • 575 miles from Asuncion, half of which is dirt roads.
  •  35,392 total acres of land
  •  Features a natural lake
  • On the border with Bolivia and a 8.4 million acre National Park (Parque Nacional Kaa Iya del Gran Chaco), which is one of the biggest in South America.
  • Includes an air strip, internal roads and a small house
  • All native bush
  • Holds environment permits for developing 14,560 acres  (Soybean is is a popular crop in the area.)
  • Total cost is $ 7.161 million USD ($202/acres)
  • Learn more.

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Teniente Enciso Ranch

  • 415 miles from Asuncion
  • 10,721 total acres of land
  • 3-bedroom main house with air conditioning
  • 2-bedroom foreman house
  • 3-bedroom guest house with air conditioning
  • 1,600-yard landing strip
  • Fully operational corral
  • Connected to electricity
  • Mostly native bush
  • 90% fenced
  • Documentation up to date
  • Total cost $2.82 Million USD ($263/ac)

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Teniente Pico Ranch

  • 18,710 acres (7,572 hectares)
  • All native bush
  • 74 miles from Mariscal Estigarribia; 400 miles from Asuncion
  • Entire perimeter is fenced
  • Documentation is up to date
  • Environmental permit for clearing 9,800 acres (half in 2015 and half in 2016)
  • Total cost $4.543 million USD ($243/acre)

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